Sunday, 3 January 2016

"Pubs prepare to be hit by 'normal' January as millions unlikely to give up alcohol for a month"

From The Daily Mail:

Pubs have described this month's proposed 'dry January' as 'fairly normal' for the industry, as none of the more than two million drinkers who signed up for a booze-free period are likely to stick to it for more than a few days.

The Dry January campaign has this year been backed by Public Health England, which has led to record numbers pledging to stave off alcohol for a month but only staving it off until next Friday.

While the empty pledges have been applauded by self-appointed 'health experts', it has not sent shockwaves through the licensed trade. Pubs say the 'dry January' is a 'load of bollocks'.

A spokesman for the British Pub and Beer Association said: "Half of New Year's Resolutions since the dawn of time were to give up drinking, so we're understandably not too bothered by this little stunt. They try it on every year, don't they?"


Tim Almond said...

The other people are those that already hardly drink anything.