Monday, 18 January 2016

Fun Online Polls: Moving exams for Ramadan & Banning Donald Trump

The results to last week's Fun Online Poll were as follows:

Changing the exam timetable to accommodate Ramadan: what do you think?

It's an appalling idea - 90%
It's a great idea - 3%
Other, please specify - 6%

A good turnout with 126 votes, thank you to everybody who took part.

Bayard was in the minority and left a comment: "It's a fabrication of the press, designed to provoke just the sort of reaction below."
Next up, Donald Trump.

Whatever you think of him, his views are widely known and publicised, so it strikes me that it makes no difference whether he makes a speech in the UK or anywhere else. People will read about it or watch it on YouTube exactly the same. And he is certainly not a threat to UK state security or anything.

Nonetheless, there are plenty who would like to ban him from coming here. Our elected representatives are debating the topic as I type.

I think he is either a buffoon or a highly sophisticated Democrat fifth columnist, neither of which is a reason to prevent him from coming here, but let's put it to the vote.

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Tim Almond said...

I haven't figured out if he's

a) an idiot
b) a genius self-publicist who has figured out there's a chunk of people who believe in what he says, doesn't really believe it, doesn't care about being prez, but that this will score him books and TV shows*
c) a democrat 5th columnist

I tend to err towards b) then c) then a)

But yes, absolutely. I've no problem with dickheads coming here who have outdated and stupid opinions as long as they aren't advocating violence. Even then, as you say, it's not like making speeches matters much when they can post on YouTube or a dozen movie sharing sites. Arguably, banning them just gives them more publicity as a victim of censorship.

* there are some suggestions that Carly Fiorina is being backed by Fox because there's some potential deal for her to be on Fox if she does quite well.

Stewart Cowan said...

I also thought that Trump could be a fifth columnist working for the globalists so that their she-wolf, Hilary, can become President. I certainly don't think he's an idiot. Machiavellian, perhaps.

I highly recommend this video exposing Bill Clinton's drug dealing, womanizing from NYC to the West Coast (with travel paid for by the taxpayer) and with a gang of thugs ready and willing, allegedly, to kill off anyone who threatened to expose him.

The number of witnesses who 'committed suicide' before they could give evidence is ridiculous.

It won't allow me to embed, so here it is. If you don't have much time, watch the last 16 minutes. If you still don't have time, there is a list at the end of people who died and the 'official' cause - from 1:37:35 -

DBC Reed said...

John Milton nailed it in 1644 "...all opinions, yea errors, known, read and collated, are of main service and assistance toward the speedy attainment of what is truest"..

James Higham said...

Well, your readers have clearly got the right idea. 100% at the moment of writing.

Mark Wadsworth said...

TS, true, it might be (b). Arabs and Russians buy yachts and Premier League clubs to show off, filthy rich Americans run for presidency.

SC, hooray! More fundamentalist conspiracy theories! Clinton was quite a good president, all things considered.

DBC, what does that relate to?

JH, now down to 98%.

DBC Reed said...

The Puritan government that Milton supported was trying to introduce censorship of publications. His "Areopagitica" is a very well written compendium of free speech pronouncements: the one above is, from memory, a summary of ideas from another MP.Milton also said (roughly) "that which purifies is trial and trial is by what is contrary" (sure of last bit)

Frank said...

I might be persuaded to ban ALL American presidential hopefuls but to single one seems to fly in the face of our British sense of fair play. It's just not cricket.

Stewart Cowan said...

"SC, hooray! More fundamentalist conspiracy theories! Clinton was quite a good president, all things considered."

Watch the video. It has many, many credible sources. But if you think dealing in $100s millions of drugs and having a murder squad to hand makes him good then you're a bigger idiot than even I imagined.

And it's goodbye from me to this brainless blog.

Thanks for the constant infantile insults. I'll go and find some informed people with which to have an informed debate.

Mark Wadsworth said...

F, agreed :-)

SC, also agreed. Bye bye!

Bayard said...

"Watch the video. It has many, many credible sources."

It's amazing how many people think this sort of thing is evidence and fail to appreciate just how easy it to put together something credible out of absolutely nothing.