Saturday, 26 December 2015

Ted 2

I watched Ted 2 yesterday with three of my children (aged between 13 and 26) and basically we laughed and giggled non-stop for the whole two hours. We chose the 'unrated' version rather than the 'theatrical' version, I don't know if the theatrical version was as good - if you cut out all the swearing, you'd only have about ten minutes of footage left.

It helps if you've seen the first one I suppose, it might not make quite as much sense on its own. Apart from that, I shall not bother summarising the plot or the characters or anything, it is what it is.

Ten out ten.


Curtis said...

I found it particularly amusing because it tries to equate a genuine civil rights cause (segregation in the US) with the 'struggle' of a talking bear who spends his life smoking pot being unable to adopt a baby. And Morgan Freeman is the one arguing the case, despite said bear stating that Samuel L Jackson is THE black guy in every movie.

Mark Wadsworth said...

C, for example. They put a lot of thought and effort into offending as many people as possible.

Tim Almond said...

Sounds good. I liked the first one.