Monday, 28 December 2015

As we were saying...

From City AM's dedicated property porn magazine, Bespoke Living (page20), on the subject of derelict buildings in London:

"Often the owners are not even looking to sell. It might be that they have plans for the building but planning permission can take years to come through. Or maybe they see the land as an investment and they're happy just to sit and watch its value increase. You could do this for decades without developing and still make a huge profit on your investment."


DBC Reed said...

On a positive note: did anybody see Liam Halligan of the Telegraph on Keiser tonight calling for a British Land Development corporation to tackle the housing crisis? (He seems to think housing corporations are a S Korean idea ; in their British form they are more Socialist than LVT.)
He might have been reading our propaganda .There is a faux naivete about such statements as this from his key 7.xi.15 Telegraph article "It's time to build foundations for.... UK Housing market".
"Given that homeowners vote in larger numbers and still represent a majority ,its almost as if successive governments have been happy to see prices spiral ,knowing that the resulting "feel-good factor" will garner votes in sufficient numbers regardless of the broader impact" "Almost as if..?" But not bad for a Torygraph journalist as also is "A state sponsored UK Land Corporation may sound too radical but this is a time for bold action" Too radical for some Georgists in my experience.