Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Liberty and Property Rights

I quote from this:

"The risings began when Mohamed Bouazizi, a market trader, was driven to the horrific extreme of self-immolation because he had been denied ownership of his own goods and the right to engage in commerce. His was a protest against the violation of property rights, and he was not alone. In an authoritative study of the Arab Spring, the Peruvian economist, Hernando de Soto, chronicled hundreds of cases of entrepreneurs in Arab countries being driven to suicide by police corruption and harassment.

Why is this different from the effects of all the regulatory quangos in the UK? 

This example from the delectable FSA/FCA which has resulted in a huge loss of jobs and businesses as set out here.

I have maintained all along that the RDR was a fundamental assault on property rights (by the destruction in the value in the businesses of honest citizens built up over many years and the arbitrary interference in the sanctity of private contract leading both to the whole sale loss of jobs and the undermining of all existing client agreements.


Rich Tee said...

The Soviet Union was famous for its rampant alcoholism, which I always saw as a person's reaction to the helplessness that communism engenders.

And in the West the epidemic of depression and anxiety is well documented.

The more helpless people feel, the more hopeless they feel.