Monday, 19 October 2015

Fun Online Polls: The Tory conference & Is it racist?

The results to last fortnight's Fun Online Poll were as follows:

The protests outside the Tory party conference were a bit inappropriate.

Agree - 75%
Disagree - 25%

I was with the majority on this one.
This week, let's do the ladies-on-the-bus-incident which fuelled more than one Guardian column.

"Is it racist if a black British woman tells a woman in a full-face burka to go back to her own country?"

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Antisthenes said...

I do not believe it is possible to answer yes or no unless you believe in the modern definition of racism which is not the same as the dictionary one. The modern definition which the left has decided it is is a catch all string of words that is meant to shut down honest debate on the subject and to secretise the fact that societies let alone races although they have many things in common. They also have much that they do not have in common that affects how they think and act which causes friction and serious problems when they try to integrate and and often even makes cooperation impossible.

The fact the lady is black does not make her exempt from being racist despite Dianne Abbot and the left telling us otherwise. However this is not a racist statement she is making because the woman wearing the burka could easily be black herself as it is worn by many different races. The burka is religious symbol not a racial one so does not fit into the correct definition of racism. It fit the left's version of course conveniently so for them.

To stereotype which of course brands me a racist even though there is evidence to support the fact that stereotyping has some basis in fact. The stereotyping in this instance is that black people have a very religious disposition which may be one of the reasons no doubt a Christian one this lady has in making the remark. So that again mitigates it being a racist remark. It could be something else of course just expressing her incredulity at people who wear such medieval costumes for instance. Or anything else none of which makes it racist

Mark Wadsworth said...

Anti, that is exactly what I was thinking as well.

Ralph Musgrave said...

The answer to the question is quite clearly “no”. It’s a cardinal rule of political correctness that only whites can be racist.

Put another way, Britain’s political left is quite happy with “far right” views, just as long as relevant perpetrators have brown faces.

Mark Wadsworth said...

RM, good one. It turns out the "victim" is white or whitish looking.

Bayard said...

It's just that there is no suitable word for someone who belittles someone else on account of their religion*. Strange that, given the history of sectarian hate that the UK has. Perhaps they used to be called bigots.

*that is, unless someone on this blog can think of one.

Mark Foster said...

Probably best ask a woman in a Burka as they have to put up with this kind of shit as a matter of course. I'm guessing they might not care too much that it might be better deemed Islamaphobic or bigoted rather than technically 'racist', but who gives a toss? It's clearly offensive and stupid. Strawmanning about lefties and political correctness doesn't change that.

Mark Wadsworth said...

MF, bearing in mind what Muslims are doing to religious minorities in the middle East, coming to the west and openly signifying your support is a bit like going to Israel and wearing a swastika.