Thursday, 22 October 2015

"Chief Constable condemns lack of black members of Conservative cabinet"

From the BBC:

The Conservative cabinet does not represent the country it serves and must increase ethnic diversity, a chief constable has said.

The proportion of blacks and Asians at the most senior government level is "simply not good enough", Durham Chief Constable Terry March said, adding that welfare cuts and lifting the inheritance tax threshold "must continue".

David Cameron disputed figures quoted by Mr March, pointing out that the Business Secretary was "a darkie, which is one more darkie than Labour ever had in the Cabinet. He makes an excellent tea..." Mr March hit back, pointing out that Sajid Javid was actually "a coconut".

Equalities Minister Julia Mulligan explained that it was difficult for the Conservatives to promote many black MPs to the cabinet because they only had one or two in the first place, none of whom had gone to Eton.


Bayard said...

"She quoted data suggesting four forces - Cheshire, Durham, Dyfed-Powys and North Yorkshire - did not have a single black officer."

If she'd ever been to anywhere in Dyfed or Powys she would know that the number of black people in these areas is vanishingly small. In fact, I would hazard a guess that the proportion of black police officers in the Dyfed-Powys force is probably greater than the proportion of black people in the area.

Radical Rodent said...

Can they not see the racism inherent in the very article by the BBC? Can they not see the racism in the Black Police Officers Federation? Are they really that stupid? Or do they think that we are really too dumb to notice?

Bayard said...

RR, you don't get The Rules, do you? Only white people can be "racist", like only men can be "sexist". Stop using a dictionary and get wiv da meaning out on da street.

H said...

Except for this chap, of course -

pen seive said...

A friend of mine, a serving Police officer, applied to join the Black Police Association and was refused on the grounds that he was white. He complained to the Chief Constable who upheld the Association's decision saying something like, "PC Black, there is sufficient evidence to suggest that that your application was a mischievous attempt to ferment antagonism between ethnic Police officers and the remainder of the Service." His response was to ask for permission to start a White Police Officers Association. This was refused. He is now contemplating applying to start a Wiccan Police Officers Association. His promotion prospects don't seem all that good for some reason!

Bayard said...

PS, was he really called Black? Mind you, as a PC, he must have known the police don't really do sense of humour.