Thursday, 17 September 2015

"The secret to a long life..."

Another one of those longevity stories at the BBC:

A woman celebrating her 109th birthday said the secret to her longevity is a tot of whisky.

"I don't drink but I have a little drop of whisky every night," said Grace Jones, of Broadway, Worcestershire.

That's what they all say; I have a routine and I stick to it. It might be a tot of whiskey every night, a brisk walk every morning or a banana every afternoon, the key is routine.

But don't most people past a certain age have a daily routine which barely changes? Does any of this prove anything?

But bless her though.


A K Haart said...

Towards the end of his life my father was drinking a bottle of port a day. He reached the age of 91 which is old enough for me too. I don't want to reach 109 so perhaps some routines are more beneficial than others.

wiggiatlarge said...

A K Haart, that is music to my ears, not up to that standard yet but trying.............