Monday, 21 September 2015

"David Cameron secures £45m pig semen deal between UK and China"

I'm sure there's a hilarious punchline here somewhere, from The Evening Standard (4 December 2013):

David Cameron secured an agreement for the UK to supply exports of the semen to Chinese breeders during his three day trade visit to China.

It follows industry lobbying in the Far Eastern country after a deal for the export of live pigs between the countries was signed last year.

In the new year, four artificial insemination centres in England and Northern Ireland, which are operated by some of the world's biggest pig breeding companies will begin exporting frozen and fresh semen.

I dunno, something like: "I wonder if Cameron diluted it with some of his own. The filthy bastard.", or "Perhaps he sweetened the deal by offering them some nearly-new pigs' heads as well."


A K Haart said...

I didn't know they had the balls for this kind of deal.

Random said...

Why is Osbourne getting "investment" from China? The state's cost of money is zero. This seems extremely dodgy and designed to fool the rubes.
More free £s for the Chinese govt to "invest" in London Property and extract rent
It's a lot more than pig semen.

Mark Wadsworth said...

AKH, meat balls?

R, why? It's bloody PFI on stilts (™ Tim Montgomerie). Have the Tories and New Labour allowed us to sink to Third World status where we can't even build our own power stations?

Random said...
The Tories have a massive lead in the Chinese ethnic group.
It is considered politically incorrect to talk about this though :)

Random said...

"In the run up to the British General Elections in 2015, it was been reported by YouGov and The Times that the 'Tories have won over Britain's Chinese community[3]' and 'the party has a 22-point lead among Britons of Chinese origin,"
And that's assuming we had PM Milibland. We didn't. "The polls" understated Tory support.

Mark Wadsworth said...

R, I can see why Chinese would vote for him, but by fucking a dead pig, he's probably lost a large part of the Muslim vote.