Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Daily Mail on top form today

Exhibit One

A pensioner has suffered severe burns after a suspected gas explosion ripped the front off his house while he was sitting in an armchair in his living room.

The victim, named locally as Bob Moss, was pulled from the smouldering debris as rescuers dodged the furniture which was left dangling in thin air. The blast happened at a £155,000 terraced house in Trecalgo View in Camelford, north Cornwall, just before 11.30pm last night.

Exhibit Two

Victims of British music teacher who killed himself at his £1.5m California mansion as he faced arrest on child sex charges are to sue the top school that employed him

It's much easier when the house price is in the headline, it saves you scrolling down to it. And get well soon, Mr Moss.


James Higham said...

With men, the rule is to mention the house price. With women, it's to mention the outfit they're wearing.

Bayard said...

JH, don't forget their age (women, that is).

James Higham said...

Was forgetting.