Friday, 28 August 2015

"Young goths at risk of depression"

Somebody at the BBC has decided to have a go at writing an Onion style article.

It's hilarious:

In this study, researchers looked at 3,694 15-year-olds based in Bristol. They found the more young people identified with the goth subculture, the higher their likelihood of self-harm and depression.

The goth movement - with its emphasis on black clothes, heavy black make-up and sometimes gloomy music with doom laden lyrics - has been attracting adolescents for many years.

But for the original and best, see for example here.


DBC Reed said...

I have long felt we have a Goth government with an accompanying Gothic Revival laissez faire economic style that looks backs with nostalgia to the overcrowded, polluted, Jack-the-Ripper cities; child- labour factories and the darkness and depression which they hope to revive by inducing economic depression to start with, the rest to follow.
Goth fashion is a zeitgeist thing surely? We have come along way from the optimism of highly colourful Flower Power, to the prophetic "There's no future for you" of the Sex Pistols to the Conservative ghouls now dismembering the State created post-war by the heroic generation.

Ben Jamin' said...

DC is too much of a happy clappy God botherer to be a Goth. Osborne maybe, but not our panglossian Prime Minister.

A K Haart said...

Can't be all bad, they have Whitby Goth Weekend to look forward to every year.

Mark Wadsworth said...

AKH, WGW was ruined by the weather last year. The sun was shining.

Ben Jamin' said...

I noticed on my travels a couple of weeks ago the prevalence of Goths per capita falls the further away you travel outside central London.

Nottingham and Leeds were packed full of Goths.

Mark Wadsworth said...

BJ - falls or increases???

Ben Jamin' said...

Increases. Definitely increases.

Not living in central London is depressing. You are on the fringes, not in with the in crowd (very important for young people). It's why they become Goths.

No Goths at the LSE or Chelsea School of Art.

DBC Reed said...

There were plenty of happy clappy types in the first Gothic revival. General Booth of the Salvation Army saw as his mission in his magnum opus "In Darkest England" to penetrate the lightless forest of British social degradation in the manner of HM Stanley in darkest (literally) Africa.Not that Cameron has the energy, brains or organisational skill to do anything so enterprising.In fact all he has managed in Africa is to reduce unforested Libya to chaos, when it was, under Gadaffi, a relatively peaceful country which used its publicly owned oil wealth for the common good.Clearly he had to go and the Pax Cameronia be initiated instead.
Did you know that Gadaffi told the European powers that loads of migrants were turning up in his country and ,in astonishingly racist terms, said that they would n't want to be bothered with this lot so ,for a consideration, he would keep them cooped up on his side of the Med? The Europeans sure told him where to stick this plan!Oh yes!Call Cameron indecisive? Not when there is a chance to do something stupid and get people killed, then pretend it never happened, he's not.