Monday, 24 August 2015


And I am in the business, so I am entitled to say 'I told you so'.


Anonymous said...

Markets go up AND down! Shock!!

Mark Wadsworth said...


Bayard said...

Horror! We'll have property going down next.

Piotr Wasik said...

Bayard: you (and I) wish!

Steven_L said...

Funny this, some random (well not quite a random) was asking me whether I was buying shares the other week in the pub. Very much a tips from the shoeshine boy / mickey mouse.

I think I replied that nothing took my fancy but if I was bullish (which I wasn't) I'd just cut to the chase and go long the NASDAQ.

Provident Financial would be my short of choice. But I note from the latest FCA short disclosures the big hedge funds appear to be betting the likes of Premier Oil and Tullow Oil actually go under.

DBC Reed said...

Can't see way Lola is saying I told you so: the Chinese stock market seems to have been packed out with the shoeshine boys and popular investors who brought the American Market down in 1929. Didn't East Coast airline shares get wholesale overinvestment pre '29 Crash because people thought aviation was the future when this outfit was a railway taking in the air as it wound round the coast? I can't see a repeat of 1929 shows too much state involvement.
BTW One extraordinarily pissed-off Chinese investor on the telly said he only went into the stock market because he thought the Chinese property market had topped out.Others loyal to property were shifting to London property as more reliable.