Tuesday, 4 August 2015

"Locals rescue cow from isolated Llangrannog beach"

From Cambrian News Online:

LOCALS in Llangrannog pulled together to rescue a stranded cow from an unexpected beach break last night (Thursday).

Farmers Geraint and Delyth Griffiths have praised members of the community for their assistance after their 15-month-old heifer plummeted down a sleep cliff and landed on a secluded beach below. Miraculously the cow survived the fall unhurt apart from cuts and scratches, but was stranded on Traeth Bach near Llangrannog for several days.

The family carried food down to her and consulted the emergency services, RSPCA and even a helicopter company while they wracked their brains for the best way to bring the animal to safety. Weather and sea conditions finally allowed local boat owner Mickey Beechey and a team of helpers to recover the cow by sea in a rescue operation on Thursday.

A RNLI crew oversaw the operation and a pair of farm workers held her head and tail above water while she swam more than a mile to an accessible beach, while another boat steered by Gary ‘Pwyll’ Jones assisted.

A crowd gathered to greet her as she arrived at the shore near the village. Her owners were delighted and relieved to see her walk into a trailer for the final journey home, where she started to graze immediately.


Demetrius said...

How did it manage to fall is a moot question.

Mark Wadsworth said...

D no it is a "moo" question.