Tuesday, 25 August 2015

"Harman vows to weed out all cheats"

From the BBC:

Harriet Harman has said 3,000 alleged "cheats" have so far been excluded from migrating to the UK, with more expected.

The acting Labour leader said: "It is not funny or clever for people from other countries to try to cheat their way into our system," and only people who supported the "aims and values" of the United Kingdom would be allowed to enter.

She was speaking after a meeting with the four leadership contenders. She said the verification process was "robust" and would go on until the "very last minute"...

Under new rules introduced by her party in 1997, residents of other countries could sign up to become British citizens with a minimum of vetting procedures. More than 160,000 people a year took up permanent residence in the UK.

The party said this brought the total size of the population to 64,000,000.


Random said...

What are the "aims and values" of the Labour Party? Homeownerism?
Also aren't the Labour Party meant to target "floating voters" whereas they appear to have told them to fuck off here.

Mark Wadsworth said...

R, exactly. Why not apply the principle to floating voters?

DBC Reed said...

Seems a bit harsh when so many refugees are fleeing war zones created by right-wing wanker policies originally designed to stop the spread of "communism" (Mossadeq in Iran: Najibullah in Afghanistan) which merely involved nationalisations in their countries of a lower order than those put in place by the UK post-war heroes government of 1945 onwards.