Monday, 24 August 2015

Fun Online Polls: Jeremy Corbyn & The Global Financial Crisis

The results to last week's Fun Online Poll were as follows:

You will/would you vote for as leader of the Labour Party?

Jeremy Corbyn - he'll make Labour unelectable = 41 votes
Jeremy Corbyn - I might not agree with him, but at least he has principles = 28 votes

Jeremy Corbyn - I agree with the majority of his policies = 3 votes
One of the three faceless soft-centre Tory-lite candidates = 2 votes
None of the above = 16 votes
Other, please specify = 1 vote

I think he's got this one sewn up.

Thanks to everybody who took part.
Something which has been bugging me for years is the Tory notion, subscribed to by the three out of four Labour leadership contenders who aren't Jeremy Corbyn, that the UK has been mired in recession for the last seven years because Labour was running up deficits in the preceding years.

That is the Economic Myth from Hell, if you ask me. Of course Blair-Brown are guilty as charged when it comes to their part in stoking the UK land price bubble and then transferring bank liabilities to the taxpayer, but the Tories have merrily continued this strategy and in any event, the Tories are running far larger deficits than Labour did.

Just as sickening is the Tory notion (again, subscribed to by the other three Labout leadership contenders) that this should be blamed on people now under 25 over-claiming benefits instead of working. Apparently, we can fix the deficit by taking away their benefits; this will magically get them all into jobs; and this in turn will magically put the economy on the road to recovery. That's like blaming a war on dead soldiers and civilians.

But what do you think?

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Frank said...

I voted "other".

Isn't everything was Maggie's fault?

Mark Wadsworth said...

F, some things are, most things aren't. She was no different to the rest of the Home-Owner-Ist politicians but left office over twenty years ago.

Bayard said...

Don't the Tories always blame everything on the previous Labour government and the unemployed under 25's, just like an anti-semite blaming everything on the Jews?

Lola said...

Points one and two are related and their combined effect precipitated the 2008 (and the current) problems. Regulationism has it's sticky fingerprints all over all this.
It's not so much as under twenty fives (or anyone else for that matter) 'claiming benefits'. It's actually governments gerrymandering client states by 'paying benefits'.
And one of the ways they do that is to inflate land price bubbles which brings us back to points one and two.