Monday, 29 June 2015

What the hell?

Re this video at the Guardian.

There's a really odd moment in that video where a woman talks about the death of Pride, how it's no longer and revolutionary thing, and well, I'm wondering what it is she wants.

As far as I'm aware, we have equal rights for homosexuals as heterosexuals. If you want to get married, adopt kids, you can. Gay marriage means you get all the same benefits as straight marriage. We take this as far as telling private businesses that they can't discriminate, and there's no doubt that you'll get prosecuted for not doing so. The war was won completely and at that point, it's time to put the weapons down and get on with something else.

As for the "corporate sell-out" angle. This chart tells you everything.

Back in the 80s, when most people thought that gay sex was "always wrong", of course companies weren't interested. When most people share the view I've always held, that 2 consenting adults can do what they like to each other, and homophobia is very much out of favour, of course companies are going to join in with that.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Well, I can see her point, but it's all hindsight for a romanticised struggle myth once you've forgotten all the unpleasant bits.

Had you asked her 20 years ago whether she'd be happy with gays being accepted and corporates using them in marketing, she would presumably have said that's fine.

Kj said...

Obviously, said woman, and several others I'm sure, see the fight for gay rights as just a small step towards their ultimate goal of, uhm, world socialism or whatever. It's not the dull demand for being treated like anyone else, it's another soapbox for revolution, lately not sure what sort of revolution since communism fell out of favour, but certainly something up that same alley.

The Stigler said...

Yeah. It's like people who fondly remember WW2. Bet they didn't at the time, but they probably had a lot of furious end-of-days sex and partying, and forget living off powdered egg.

That's the problem. They really don't have a clue what revolution they want. I think that people nowadays just march for marching's sake. It's a cargo cult based on the civil rights movement.