Wednesday, 3 June 2015

They have gone stark raving mad (2)

From the Scotsman

In a stark overview of the nutritional value of pet snacks, a few products are shown to contain as many as 415 calories, more than a glazed doughnut.

The news has prompted calls for owners to turn to healthier treats and monitor more closely how much food they are giving their pets. Animal welfare experts said manufacturers should start letting people know the contents of the snacks so they can help maintain a balanced diet for their pets.

Unlike most food packaging, treats for cats and dogs contain very little nutritional information, but the analysis by a leading insurer revealed a host of well-known brand names are rich in calories.

Dreamies, one of the most popular snacks bought for cats, contain 21 calories per serving and 415 calories per 100g. Rival Whiskas Temptations fares little better, with 16 calories per serving and 415 per 100g.

They're called "dog treats" for a reason. They're not food, they're something you give the dog as a treat. Even within a few sentences, the scaremongering of "as many calories as a doughnut" rapidly descends into 1/25th of the calories of a doughnut.

And here comes the same standard stuff being said about us hoomins:-

“I would be delighted to see calorie information made available on all pet treats and believe it would have a positive impact in helping tackle the country’s growing pet obesity crisis. Obesity can lead to numerous life-threatening health problems, the most common of which are arthritis and heart conditions in dogs, and diabetes in cats.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Haha yes I saw that but you beat me to it