Saturday, 20 June 2015

The Bleedin' Obvious

Quite frankly this, and being flexible in your deployments and aid has been bloody obvious for years.

The question is why hasn't it been done?

Answer.  From my own experience of meeting the Great and the Good is that mostly, they aren't.

Any thoughts?


Bayard said...

"The question is why hasn't it been done?"

" does contradict the principle that colonial borders be maintained no matter how insanely drawn, the alternative being almost universally worse."


Mark Wadsworth said...


The Stigler said...

The Middle East is basically a feudal society with modern facilities. It's full of people fighting each other. But it would be more stable with a redrawn map based around groups of people in those lands.

Pablo said...

The Turks would be v. upset to have an official Kurdish state on its border.