Sunday, 21 June 2015

Jowell on the Mansion Tax

From Politics

Labour's mansion tax policy created "toxic" levels of anxiety about the prospect of a Labour government, the party's leading London mayoral candidate said last night.

Former culture secretary Tessa Jowell claimed the proposed tax was "disastrous" for Labour's election hopes.

She claimed the tax which would have hit properties worth more than £2 million, was effectively a "three bedroom terraced house tax" in many parts of London.

Yeah, but...

Labour has increased its control of London to take 45 of the capital's 73 Parliamentary seats, despite heavy losses elsewhere in the UK.

Ed Miliband's party won target seats such as Brent Central and Enfield North while cementing narrow successes from the 2010 election in places such as Hampstead and Kilburn, Britain's most marginal constituency.

The party's gains left it with seven more seats than it polled in London five years ago, while the Tories lost one.

So, actually, in the place where the Mansion Tax was going to bite hardest, Labour support actually grew.

Jowell: fuckwit.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Agreed, I've said that before as well. Labour are - probably wrongly - seen as the party of renters and workers, so they had overwhelming support from workers who rent i.e. younger people in London.

mombers said...

Such a pity that they messed this one up.