Thursday, 25 June 2015

I am now a republican..

If this is true of course.
Which it probably isn't.
And if it is, it is inexplicable.


Anonymous said...

When you look at her family tree, it's just so European [German] that you'd hardly expect otherwise.

Lola said...

And thinking about it she may still be smarting over the Liberties we gained and the constraints made upon her obtained by Magna Carta. Just a thought.

Random said...

I was always a republican ;)

Bayard said...

If we were a republic the article would be the same, with "the Queen" replaced by "President Blair".

Mark Wadsworth said...

I don't think nationality has anything to do with it, I'm half-English and half-German and thoroughly European but I don't like the way the EU is run.

Random said...

Bayard, that is a straw man.