Thursday, 21 May 2015

Newsthump nails the gay cake story

From Newsthump:

Judge Johnson declared that not only were the bakers a pack of twats for denying the commission based on a person’s sexual orientation, but also that the bakery should “check out its own shop-front sometime”.

“Seriously, I’ve walked past it, and it looks camper than Dale Winton admiring a row of tents” said Johnson. “So where exactly they get the nerve to tell someone else that their gayness is inappropriate for something covered in pretty icing is absolutely beyond me.”


The Stigler said...

That said, it's a really bad ruling.

The judge talked about discriminating against Mr Lee on the grounds of sexual orientation, but in terms of gay marriage, so does the law of Northern Ireland. If a registrar married a couple of men in Northern Ireland, a judge would rule their conduct illegal.

That said I like the "political views" ruling. Let's see what the courts do if an Asian bakery refuses to ice a cake from a BNP member for a pro-repatriation meeting.

Patrick Hutton said...

They didn't refuse to serve the customers because they were gay.

They refused them not wanting to make a cake with a title "support gay marriage".

If they had refused them on the former then what they did would have been wrong. On the latter any decent person should be on their side even if not agreeing with their viewpoint.

If I went into a BNP bakery and got refused due to my ethnicity that would be morally wrong, however if their refusal was on the basis that I wanted a cake supporting an open border immigration policy they should have a right to refuse. More controversially they should also have the right to refuse on the grounds that the cake was for a mixed race couple (say a white guy and black lass).

Is the imaginary BNP baker's view repugnant? absolutely! Does that mean he should be criminalised for this view absolutely not, and likewise nor should they be forced to support decent views like on their cakes.

Maybe you don't agree with what I've written. But social mores can change, you could have profoundly held views on the wrong side of society one day...

Mark Wadsworth said...

TS, PH, I completely agree with you.

But the point was the irony of the situation!

A homophobic cake decorator!