Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Interesting Eurovision Hopeful (also, I am not dead!)

From the Telegraph
Held this year in Vienna, Austria, the singing competition sees dozens of European countries battle it out for the coveted crown.   
San Marino's Eurovision host John Kennedy O'Connor thinks Italy, Sweden and Australia are in with the best chance.
*Update* Actually it appears the joke is on me and Australia actually are in the Eurovision! I thought this was a play on all those souvenirs you get in Austria gift shops that say "no kangaroos in Austria".


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Bayard said...

"Australia actually are in the Eurovision!"

They were stretching the point by including Israel. The organisers really ought to think about renaming it.

OTOH, it's a bit like having a company called the Bristol Brandy Company that is based in London and sells whisky. Times move on, but the brand remains the same.

Random said...

Mark Wadsworth said...

SK & B, not really.

"Eurovision" refers to the "European association of television broadcasters" or something like that.

The song contest is called "Eurovision" just like the BBC song contest might be called "The BBC Song Contest", that doesn't mean that all the songs have to be about or by members of the BBC.

SImilarly, there might be "The Eurovision Hisotry of Science" which does not restrict itself to European scientists.

Bayard said...

"Just the name of the shop, dear" to quote the Bonzo Dog Doodah Band.