Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Chuka Umunna "might pull out of Labour leadership again in the future"

From the BBC:

Shadow business secretary Chuka Umunna has not ruled pulling out of the running to lead the Labour Party again in the future - but says he hopes a vacancy does not arise.

Mr Umunna, who is backing Liz Kendall to replace Ed Miliband, said he had withdrawn from the last contest because his "heart wasn't in it". He previously cited the "pressure and scrutiny" that came with the role.

The Streatham MP told BBC Newsnight there were "no skeletons", adding: "By next time I will have worked up some smoother sounding but vacuous excuses like 'pulling together - not pulling apart' or 'passing the baton to the next generation' after being touted as a front runner for several weeks."

Discussing his future plans, he hinted that if he were ever elevated to the House of Lords, he would probably pull out of the running to be the next to lead the Labour peers.


The Stigler said...

He seems pretty naive. You bottle it over the pressure for the leadership, you won't get asked back. Because no-one will want someone running the country who can't deal with press intrusion of their family. If you can't stand that, how will you stand your wife and kids being terrorist targets if you're Prime Minister?

James Higham said...

His little deals about to come to light. Oh well, probably wise.