Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Blissex nails it

Blissex, in the comments to the second post on the question of whether people underestimate commuting costs when deciding whether to buy/rent somewhere small but close to where they work or somewhere larger but further away…

Well, either many men don't even think of women's influence on them, or are too politically correct to point out the obvious.

Usually the dominant influence on house location and type is the female partner (after all both before and after divorce she considers it *her* house), and usually the male partner somehow gets the longer commute.

Perhaps the male partner would rather like the 3 bed flat near *his* workplace, but the female one will just fall in love with the 5 bed detached with the big garden in the outer suburbs. And it would be misogynist for the male partner to be abusive to the point of disregarding her needs :-).


Lola said...

Got it in one!

mombers said...

But of course she'll then complain about him working late due to hours on the train??