Thursday, 16 April 2015

"Tory housing minister Brandon Lewis said"

From The Daily Express*:

"Thanks to our long-term economic plan, house building in England is at its highest level since 2007.

"Our schemes are helping hundreds of families every month to buy their own home and we will go further by allowing new homes to be built specifically for young first-time buyers.

"Our Government-backed schemes will help a million more people become homeowners in the next Parliament.

"Our long-term economic plan is getting Britain building again and is helping people achieve their dreams of home ownership – the biggest threat to this is Ed Miliband in government."

The English Housing Survey said:

25 to 34 age group
Owner-occupiers - 47%
Private renters - 36%

25 to 24 age group
Owner-occupiers - 36%
Private renters - 48%

To me that looks like a catastrophic fall in owner-occupation rates with a corresponding catastrophic increase in private renting. Clearly Mr Lewis knows something we don't.

The fact that the rot set in under New Labour is a separate topic, the 2013-14 survey tells us that the figures for 2003-04 were::
25 to 34 age group
Owner-occupiers - 59%
Private tenants - 21%

* Emailed in by MBK who knows I love this shit.


Bayard said...

"Clearly Mr Lewis knows something we don't."

Mark, you are being too kind:

Para 1 is meaningless unless the figures for now and 2007 is given, which they aren't. Otherwise it is still true if today's figure was one house larger than 2007's

Para 2 would be true so long as at least 101 families bought a house every month. Again, we have no way of telling whether this is better or worse than Labour's record.

Para 3 is an election promise and we know what those are worth.

Para 4 is a vague statement of intent and probably a lie to boot.

The man's clearly lying, sorry, electioneering.

Random said...
Gran on top form.

Lola said...

FFS. The top three floors of the building in what our offices is being refurbed into 13 flats - talking to the developer today he reckons he will keep then all as BtL and get about £75,000 p.a. rent at which sum they will be his outright in less than 10 years...

Mark Wadsworth said...

B, haha you fell for para 1. He said "since 2007" which is an implicit admission that fewer new homes are being built than in 2007.

R, exactly.

L, as a tax advisor all I can say is "VAT exemption" and "SDLT".