Thursday, 19 March 2015

UKIP fun, UKIP fun - this one will run and run.

I set up a Fun Online Poll last year, results as follows:

How many of UKIP's 24 MEPs will leave the party by 2019?

None - 18%
1 to 3 - 30%
4 to 6 - 14%
6 to 9 - 12%
10 to 12 - 9%
13 or more - 17%

A year into the new European Parliament, so far they have lost two (h/t Rohen Kapur by email):

Ukip has suspended another MEP, Janice Atkinson, one of its highest-profile female parliamentary candidates, over allegations of a “serious financial nature”.

The decision to withdraw the whip from Atkinson comes less than two months after Ukip suspended Amjad Bashir, also an MEP, over financial matters just before he defected to the Conservative party. He strongly denied any wrongdoing.

So, yah boo sucks to those who voted "None" and a provisional pat on the back to those who chose "1 to 3", but I'm sticking with my original prediction of "6 to 9", which is looking rather more likely now - if one leaves and/or gets caught with fingers in the till and/or falls out with Mr N. Farage every year, then we are bang on target.

James Higham is a bit more fundamentalist about this.


Bayard said...

"James Higham is a bit more fundamentalist about this"

Fundamentalist? he denies it. From his post: "I am not talking out of my backside ..."

Mildly sexist perhaps; what he says about women is surely true of the other sex. It's just in this box-ticking world, parachutees tend to be women or ethnic minorities, I suppose.

DBC Reed said...

From my experience female parachutees are a function of the need for double income mortgages.They have to work to pay them after career gaps and are often desperate and power grabbing.As Senator Elizabeth Warren says its The Two Income Trap.