Monday, 9 March 2015

Fun Online Polls: Madonna's fall & Grammar schools.

The results to last week's Fun Onlin Poll were as follows:

Madonna: did she fall or was it a pre-planned stunt?

It was an unhappy accident - 9%
It was a pre-planned stunt - 12%
Who's Madonna? What fall? - 19%
Don't care - 57%
Other, please specify - 3%

Best 'other' suggestion was by JQ: "It was a happy accident".
Moving swiftly on from gran'ma to grammar...

From the BBC:

According to opinion polls, support for grammar schools remains constant.

A recent YouGov survey, published in The Times, indicated that 54% of people said they would support a new grammar in response to "demonstrated local demand". If elected, UKIP has promised a grammar school in every town.


I don't think I've done a Fun Online Poll on this yet, what do the readers of this blog think?

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L fairfax said...

I think grammar schools is a draconian once and for all solution.
Much better to have sets and movement up and down.

Random said...

Agree with L Fairfax.
Mark, I have came across a KLN where I have been trying to convince someone of the benefits of LVT but he says he was in Taiwan and the LVT there caused "imbalances" and required "additional local taxes." Don't know much about it but thought you might. He seems to think it is mainly on agriculture and keeps going on about the origins of LVT and telling me it is relevant.
Here is what he says:

The LVT worked great when it was an agrarian society and provided one of the fastest growth rates of any society ever. However that is what the LVT was designed for, agrarian societies.
LVT can be made to work in cities

Indeed it could but only if a country was only comprised of cities with no other form of land use. If it has urban, suburban, industrial, non- production rural and production rural it crashes and burns.
Ah you don't even know the origins of the LVT. I presumed that you had read up on the topic - learned the origins and knew at least some of the theory behind them. Instead you are just parroting popularist tropes.
A group of philosiphers known as the Physiocrats first postulated the LVT in the 18th century in France. This was a proposed response of feudalism within an agrarian society. An updated version of it came about with Henry George and it became part of Georgism yet still focused on agrarianism. It was a core tenet of the Kuomintang. They made huge strides in pulling Taiwan from being an agricultural backwater to being an industrial powerhouse. However once industrialised things like LVTs start to cause imbalances and become a hindrance.

LVTs are great for agrarian societies and catching up. A liability for industrial and post-industrial societies. I suggest you read up on their history, uses and criticism before posting.
Any ideas?