Tuesday, 3 February 2015

The Daily Mash on Home-Owner-Ism

From The Daily Mash:

LEADING a dull suburban life with a mortgage and two children is now a phenomenal achievement, everyone has agreed.

Modern life has become so challenging that ‘averageness’ is now considered an ambition on a par with becoming an acclaimed novelist, professional sportsperson or successful entrepreneur...

Factory supervisor Roy Hobbs said: “With my small detached house, ‘luxury’ caravan and three ISAs, I’m living the dream, although not a very interesting one.

“My advice is to have the purely coincidental good fortune to buy a house just before a massive property boom that fucks everyone else.”


DBC Reed said...

Don't think anyone not my age quite realises how boring my baby boomer generation found the prospect of suburban wife-and-two-kids living.Now its the height of fashion!
There were songs about it, "Semi detached suburban Mr James" ,and a terrific TV series "Whatever happened to the Likely Lads?" in which the suburban aspirations of Bob (Ferris?)were mocked by old friend Terry who was more at home in the pub.The second wave of feminism in UK (60's onwards) also seemed to be full of laddette
free spirits in retreat from the suburban lifestyle.Feminist manifestos of the time nearly all contained a demand to drink beer out of pint glasses.
Come to think of it most sharp British TV comedy then consisted of a quite ferocious critique of "aspiration" as prattishly displayed by Tony Hancock and Ernie Wise etc. Even when Ernie aspires merely to improve his diet, Eric takes a very dim view of it indeed.