Thursday, 12 February 2015

"Driver crashes into £1m railings on industrial estate"

From The Evening Standard:

A motorist had some explaining to do today after crashing into someone else’s £1million railings.

The driver lost control of the vehicle while driving around in an industrial estate in north west London. He crashed the motor into the one-off metal fencing, seriously damaging the gates and surrounding posts.

The car was spotted being driven earlier in the day with trade plates, and it is not thought the owner of the car was driving at the time of the crash. A spokesperson for the Met Police said no one was hurt in the incident, which took place in Park Royal at lunchtime yesterday.

The railings were installed at a cost of £1million 2003 and were thought to be worth in the region of £900,000 prior to the crash.


Lola said...

Bit of T Cut and some tank tape and she'll be right.

Jim said...

"A motorist had some explaining to do today after crashing someone else’s £1million railings."

I have always wanted to try driving some one else's railings. Though as I have never driven railings before there is a possibility i would crash them too

Mark Wadsworth said...

L, is that how you repair iron fences?

J, well spotted, my bad.

Jim said...

M, well that's just taken all the fun out of it, I thought it was a copy/paste so I was knocking the Journalist from the Evening standard. I'm no grammar or spelling expert myself, just I love to pull up the pro's in the papers when they get it wrong.

Jim said...

on a side note, the black iron gates across the drive way at my old house were badly rusted. some downwards bars had more than an inch missing, they looked awful. I "fixed" them using some duct tape and a couple of coats of Hammerite before i part exed the house with persimmon homes for my current one. - brilliant.