Monday, 9 February 2015

Daily Mail on top form

Hundreds of residents gather at vigil to support black family whose $3.5million home was firebombed in 'racially-motivated hate crime'


Jim said...

It must be an art form to work for the DM.

Today I left My £170,000 home to go to the £500,000 office block where i work. I did stop off to buy some milk at a £200,000 shop.

I found this story about some people who had been crime victims and went to the £200,000 estate agents to find out the value of their home. Where i passed some Ugghhhh, social housing. After passing it I went home and got into my £1000 bath, and scrubbed myself clean again

Mark Wadsworth said...

J, you're a natural. Have you sent them your CV?

Jim said...

I did, they said no and told me to try again when my house is worth a lot more. :)