Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Movie Violence

From The Telegraph

Children’s films are rife with murder and mayhem and can contain more violence than gory gangster shoot-em-ups like Pulp Fiction, researchers have found.

Although cartoons like Finding Nemo, Bambi or Frozen may seem like gentle tales where good triumphs over evil and adversity is overcome, they are, in fact, riddled with death and destruction and can leave youngsters traumatised.

I obviously missed the unedited versions where Nemo shoots a shark for saying "what" one more time, where Bambi's mother accidentally snorts heroin and has to be resuscitated by having an injection of adreneline and where Olaf in Frozen gets gang raped by a couple of rednecks before Sven appears wielding a Samurai sword and stabbing them before promising to call a couple of homeboys with blowtorches and pliers to "get medieval on yo ass"?.

FFS, the Grimms' Fairy Tales are early 19th century and include all sorts of violence - witches trying to eat children, witches getting killed etc. The original stories are more violent than Disney versions, and kids didn't end up traumatised by them.


A K Haart said...

Strewth. There are numerous "violent" scenes in SpongeBob Squarepants but kids see it as cartoon slapstick because that's what it is.

On the other hand there are university professors who love publicity too much, so from an early age we have to teach kids about liars.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Yup, the bansturbators are completely and utterly mentally ill.

Although, according to Peter Griffin, the moral of "Jack and the beanstalk" is: if you're going to steal, you'd better be prepared to murder as well.

Bayard said...

The authors of this article should try reading "Struwwelpeter".