Thursday, 23 October 2014

Well, Well, Well.

From - very surprisingly - Conservative Home.


You really couldn't have better arguments for LVT/CI.


DBC Reed said...

Yup Lola is right.Conservative Home captures the essence of land tax argument. Feel sorry for poor author: uncovers the truth and is henceforth doomed.

Lola said...

DBCR - go on. I dare you. Post a comment telling them that this is THE argument for LVT. I have.

DBC Reed said...

Tried to, but couldn't negotiate the login procedure. Pity because this poor chump, whose career in the Conservative Party is well and truly over before its begun, has hit on the real reason for Land Tax : not just reducing land prices (this is just a first step) but forcing investment out of risk free land into the more individually dangerous but more collectively enriching production of goods and services.
Poor guy :he can never recover from this.

Lola said...

DBCR. Yes. Isn't it just lovely?

Derek said...

I'm pretty pleased to see that Bill Gates "gets it" to some extent anyway. And did you spot the interesting link near the bottom of the article? Looks like Peter Franklin is a bit of a repeat offender on the land taxation front. So DBCR is probably right. He's doomed.

Lola said...

Derek. Yes I did spot the link, which eventually take you here

Which while not all good, is a good start

Mark Wadsworth said...

Good spot.

D, another good spot! The spirit of Tim M is alive and well over at ConHome.