Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Hilarious Sinex/Optrex mix-up with interesting results.

I had developed a slight but very itchy stye in my left lower eyelid and my nose was rather bunged up, so I bought a small squeezy bottle of Optrex eye-drops and a small squeezy bottle of Sinex nasal spray.

The Sinex is very good at decongesting (if that's a verb) but after a few weeks of using the Optrex, the stye still had not cleared up. A few days ago, the inevitable happened and I filled up my left eye with Sinex by mistake. It stung like [something that really stings plus expletives] and I rushed back to the bathroom to splash water into my eye as best as possible, which is trickier than it sounds.

My eye was red all day long and I felt pretty stupid.

The interesting part is this: when I checked in the mirror the next morning, the stye had completely disappeared and my eye/eyelid has been fine ever since.


A K Haart said...

Sinex contains benzalkonium chloride which is a broad spectrum biocide used in Dettol so maybe it killed the bugs in your stye.

Mark In Mayenne said...

And putting Dettol on a mouth ulcer kills it dead. Just keep your tongue away cos it tastes truly disgusting.

Ian Hills said...


Sounds as though it would make a good weedkiller too.

Derek said...

Hmmm, Kill or Cure. Well, I'm glad it was Cure this time.

Mark Wadsworth said...

AKH, thanks, so it wasn't a coincidence or placebo effect.

MIM, no doubt I will try that one day.

IH, nah, well laid concrete is the best weedkiller.

D, me too :-)

Bayard said...

"Just keep your tongue away cos it tastes truly disgusting."

What, worse than TCP?