Friday 8 August 2014

Georgist Film List

Just had a quick scout around to compile a list of films with a broadly Georgist theme.

This is what I've come up with so far.

 Captain Boycotte
 Superman I,
 the Manaugua Bean Wars,
 Heroes for Sale
Jean de Florette
There Will Be Blood.
Quantum of Solace

Please add to the list. Perhaps we can get The Stigler to give us some reviews?


Steven_L said...

I've only seen two of them. How about The Purge?

A few Bond movies have a similar theme to Superman I. Goldfinger, The Spy who Loved Me, A View to a Kill?

Pablo said...

There's lots of Westerns fit here but I can't think of any titles.

Tim Almond said...


I've only seen Superman I, Jean de Florette and There Will Be Blood. All highly recommended.

I own the Bond DVD box set but due to bad reviews I've never gotten around to watching QoS.

James James said...

"It's A Wonderful Life"

chefdave said...

James James beat me to it!

I watched that film because of its Georgist credentials.

DBC Reed said...

Chinatown 1974 =struggle to divert water to supply new development .Good film too.There is an academic paper that demonstrates that Americans nowadays accept the film's version of the Owen's River takeover as the bare unvarnished truth.
Can't stand "Its a wonderful life".You get boogie woogie piano, bar girls and a night life in Pottersville.

DBC Reed said...

Heaven's Gate = rich ranchers try to kill off poor settlers.Never saw what was supposed to be the matter with this film.

DBC Reed said...

Shane 1953 = rich ranchers vs poor settlers.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Most westerns - evil mining company vs noble Homeys. here.

All the films about evil property developers vs noble homeys such as

Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie
Batteries Not Included
Nowhere to run
Hannah Montana

But Once Upon and Superman are the best.

Tim Almond said...


"Can't stand "Its a wonderful life".You get boogie woogie piano, bar girls and a night life in Pottersville."


Lola said...

How the West was won?

DBC Reed said...

Right that's it!I'm going to take some rest and recuperation from this caper.Mark's directions to past comments show I was saying the exact same thing about the same films years ago( without realising it).
I have also pointed out before that Meade Lux Lewis (no less) makes an uncredited appearance in "Its a wonderful life" to show the seediness of Pottersville- with quite the opposite effect in my view.But I'll say it again because I think its a clincher. Placed in the scales: boogie woogie piano outweighs the humdrum civic virtues..

Mark Wadsworth said...

DBC, that's the beauty of Home-Owner-Ism, it is so in your face all the time that you accept it as normal. Until you realise that it is totally perverse.

Pablo said...

Fred Harrison has some nice western clips here:

DBC Reed said...

An example of stand-out perverse is "The Young Ones" 1961 ( always assumed the TV series with Rik Mayall et al was a nasty heartless, wholly deserved send- up of the Cliff Richard catastrophe)
The original has a virginally innocent youth club where Cliff, and his quite good instrumental support, castrate rock and roll to appease a lot of non-goer girls.
They are then threatened by a property firm which wants to bung them into the street and build an office block, no doubt providing income for the non-goers who are probably prepped up to the eyeballs with Pitman's shorthand certificates.
The "irony" is that the developer is Cliff's dad (Robert Morley).He relents/goes soft in the head and saves the club in the finale-debacle dancing with the happening sounds of rock and roll with all the rock and roll taken out.
I challenge anybody ,however left-wing, ( was praying for Russian parachutists to save my bacon at school at the time) to sit through this without willing huge wrecking balls to swing in Cliff's direction.

Mark Wadsworth said...

DBC yes, that's another "brave Homeys vs evil property developer" film.

Add it to the list!

benj said...

Honky Tonk Freeway (1981), which I remember because of "ricky the carnivorous pony", was about the absurd lengths a small town went to, in order to secure an exit off from a newly built freeway to it.

Mark Wadsworth said...

One of the few films that takes the opposite line is Cars.

The story is that when the new motorway was built in place of the old road going through the town, the businesses in the town lost a lot of passing trade and are slowly going bankrupt.

There's not really an answer to that short of "Yes but at least they wouldn't have any more LVT to pay."

Anonymous said...

Another 'evil property developer' one is The Goonies.

Pablo said...

The Rum Diary

Pablo said...

99 Homes

Pablo said...

The Big Short

Pablo said...