Monday, 14 July 2014

Fun Online Polls: Penalty shoot-out and budget/mid-priced hotel chains

Now that this football related tomfoolery has ground to its tedious and predictable outcome*, I can announce the results to last fortnights' Fun Online Poll:

Penalty shoot out

Kick it to your left: Keeper dives to his right and saves it! 8 votes
Kick it straight and hard, Psycho style: Goal! 47 votes
Kick it to your right: Goal! 14 votes

I hope nobody cheated, but well done either way.

Best (and only) comment:

Al Trewyst: Goooooooaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

* Out of seven teams which have appeared in a World Cup Final since 1970, five were in the quarter finals and four were in the semi-finals. Seven of those finals have featured at least one of this year's two finalists and this was the third final to have featured exactly the same two teams.
An article in The Daily Mail today prompts this week's Fun Online Poll.

Budget/mid-priced hotel chains.

Vote here or use the widget in the side bar.


The Stigler said...

I like Premier Inns. Travelodge are too basic, plus there's a problem that they overbook rooms, so you can get bumped to another hotel.

I never really understand fancy hotels with fancy facilities. OK, back in the 1930s, you might have wanted a phone in your room, but today, you've got one in your pocket. Restaurant? I'll get in the car and get some. Minibar? Again, I'll go find Tescos.