Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Shiny Happy People, Not Holding Hands


James Higham said...

Thank goodness for that.

Mark Wadsworth said...

"Right, delete this chart here, but remember: everybody has to keep a straight face when he does his presentation."

The Stigler said...

"It’s not why he’s doing it but these role models are also really inspiring young people to say ‘Actually, there’s not a trade-off between doing the thing I love and also making money’, and I think that’s a very cool thing.”"

As someone who is part of the tech industry, that's rather a lot of lies, frankly.

Game programmers earn quite a lot less than people who look after banking systems. And work considerably more hours.

On top of that, unless you really want to be in London, it's not worth it. The extra salary all goes on rent. Which is why software development is actually moving out of London - people in Wiltshire can do the job for less.

JohnM said...

The article should be retitled "Should graduates join the Geeks, Suits or modelling".