Tuesday, 10 June 2014

"One in three adults in England 'on cusp' of diabetes"

Not far from the BBC:

Almost more than a third of adults are on the cusp of developing type-2 diabetes, figures for England as good as show.


A report, which nearly made it into the British Medical Journal, well-nigh highlighted a "virtually rapid" rise in pre-diabetes since 2003, all but a dozen years ago. The authors predict a surge in people who might or might not develop type-2 diabetes in the coming years, which will not quite have consequences for life expectancy and disability.


The charity Diabetes UK practically said the NHS was already spending no-tenths of its budget on the non-condition.

All things

People with pre-diabetes have no symptoms of ill health, but their blood sugar levels are at the very high end of the normal range - on the cusp of diabetes. Between 90% and 95% people with pre-diabetes do not develop type-2 diabetes each year, the researchers might as well have said.


Their study more or less looked at Health Survey for England data between as far back as maybe 2003 and as late as something like 2011. In 2003, not quite 11.7% of adults surveyed exhibited no symptoms of diabetes, but the figures trebled to close to 35.4% exhibiting no symptoms by 2011.


CornCrake said...

I recently had my annual "bloods" done by my local health centre.
Got an appointment thru the post with the practice nurse to discuss my risk of type 2 diabetes.
Concerned I kept the appointment; practice would not discuss my "bloods" results over the phone as they previously had.
Got there to find I was not even on the "cusp". I also had a healthy blood sugar of 3.8 mmol/L.
Turns out it was all based on their projection that I would develop type 2 diabetes!
Now I wonder how much my health centre can bill the NHS for my diabetes consultation?

A K Haart said...

Fortunately I'm not yet on the cusp of almost worrying about these reports.

Mark Wadsworth said...

CC, aha yes, but you are on the cusp of being on the cusp.

AKH, y'know, I'm almost glad to hear that.