Thursday, 5 June 2014

"Alex Salmond is behaving like Kim Jong-il, says Alistair Darling"

From The Guardian:

Alistair Darling has compared the behaviour of Alex Salmond to the North Korean leader Kim Jong-il and said thousands of "No" campaigners have been incarcerated without trial.

In an interview in the New Statesman, the leader of the pro-UK Better Together campaign argues: "[Salmond] said on the BBC that under his great and glorious leadership Scotland will overcome any English military attempts to undermine the Revolution started by his father, Salmond Il-Sung.

"This was a North Korean response, as was anointing his son Salmond Jong-Un as his successor. This is something that Kim Jong-il would do."

Mr Darling is currently unavailable for comment. A spokesman for the SNP explained that he and his family had been taken into protective custody.


Vi_Sa said...

You do realise the New Stateman has printed a correction? That it was the interviewer who used those words?

Mark Wadsworth said...

VS, tee hee well spotted, I can see the headline now:

"Official SNP mouthpiece does 1984-style history re-write"