Tuesday, 6 May 2014

"Labour: We need to grill Big Farmer chiefs"

From City AM:

THE LABOUR party is demanding that the bosses of Tate & Lyle and Meadow Foods, who between them receive nearly £1 billion in CAP subsidies each year are called in front of a Westminster select committee and questioned over the proposed multi-billion agriculturals mega-merger.

A political row has escalated around Tate & Lyle's bids, with opposition leader Ed Miliband proposing an additional public interest test to determine if this deal, and future acquisitions, are in the national economic interest.

Miliband has accused the coalition government of "cheerleading" in support of sugar giant Tate & Lyle. Its advances on Meadow Foods, which supplies 500 million litres of milk per year in the UK, have so far been rebuffed.