Monday 26 May 2014

Fun Online Polls: How many MEPs will UKIP lose by 2019?

So, well done UKIP for coming first in the EU Parliament elections and getting 24 MEPs.

It appears that their tactic of having no manifesto, proposals or policies whatsoever has paid off handsomely. Their only vague policy statements were rumblings and mumblings about a flood of Romanians and Bulgarians, something which they can do absolutely nothing about, regardless of how many MEPs they have.

This allows them to pose as all things to all men - ĂĽber-Thatcherites and NIMBYs in the Home Counties and the working man's alternative to Labour or BNP in 'traditional Labour heartlands'.

This policy-free strategy managed to earn them 74% of the votes of the readers of this blog. Ho hum.
What is more interesting, and only time will tell, is the question of how many of their MEPs will leave UKIP between now and 2019.

Out of the original 1999 intake of 3, 1 left (Michael Holmes).

Out of the 2004 intake of 12, 3 left (Robert Kilroy Silk, Tom Wise, Ashley Mote).

Out of the 2009 intake of 13, 5 left (David Campbell Bannerman, Marta Andreasen, Nikki Sinclaire, Mike Nattrass and Godfrey Bloom).

So that's this week's Fun Online Poll, although we won't know the final score for another five years.

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The Filthy Engineer said...

Hopefully all of them, as we'll have left the Eu.

Mark Wadsworth said...

TFE, fair point.