Monday, 12 May 2014

Eurovision Voting

From the BBC

The latest Eurovision figures have revealed the differences between the public phone vote and the jury vote at Saturday night's competition.

The UK phone vote gave Poland's Donatan and Cleo top marks but the jury thought they were the worst act of the night.

Their combined score meant Poland ended up with nil points from the British.

I'm thinking here that the public may not have been voting for the song


Bayard said...

Sounds like someone boobed.

A K Haart said...

"I'm thinking here that the public may not have been voting for the song"

Why not? Give me two good reasons.

James Higham said...

Name me one man who wouldn't, unencumbered and given half a chance? :)

Mark Wadsworth said...

Just as an experiment, I watched the songs all the way through for the first time in twenty years.

As a straight bloke who likes real music, I was not impressed.

The only good bit was the Azerbaijan light painting.

See Number 3, here.

Simple, old hat, but surprisingly effective.

ageing man said...

well what ever the polish lady had on offer.....surely it had to be better than a bloke with a beard....what in gawds name is that all about.... I turned in to see the camera pan to her/it/him {delete as appropriate}for each score, and I thought I had tuned into an bad episode of Borat..... The Dutch had a very commendable offering, so subject to the next bad weather we have, I shall make it my song of the day.

The Stigler said...


It's complete rubbish. And while tackiness can be funny for 5 minutes, tackiness and mediocrity gets boring very quickly. I had it on while catching up on some paperwork and had to turn it over.

You've got to go back to La Det Swinge by Bobbysocks in the 1980s to hear a good Eurovision song.

Mark Wadsworth said...

TS, the only good Eurovision song I can think of is "Ooh aah just a little bit" by Gina G PhD MSc, which was 1996 or thereabouts.