Monday, 7 April 2014

These "apologies" seem to be catching on

Culture Secretary Maria Miller has apologised to MPs for her attitude towards an inquiry into her expenses. 
The Commons Committee on Standards ordered her to repay £5,800 to cover over-claiming of mortgage expenses after she failed to cut her claims as interest rates fell.
It cleared her of making false expenses claims, but said her submission of "incomplete" evidence to the inquiry had breached the MPs' code of conduct.
The MP said the matter was now over. She said she "fully" accepted the committee's conclusions and apologised "unreservedly" to the House of Commons.
An emotional Oscar Pistorius has apologised to the family of girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, on the first day of his evidence at his murder trial.
In a trembling voice, he said he was "trying to protect" her and said he could not imagine the family's pain.
Mr Pistorius said he suffered "terrible nightmares" and often woke up smelling Ms Steenkamp's blood.
Prosecutors say he killed her in February 2013 after an argument. He says he mistook her for an intruder.
The athlete told Ms Steenkamp's relatives that there "hasn't been a moment since this tragedy happened that I haven't thought about your family".


proglodyte said...

Oscar poll?

Mark Wadsworth said...

P, nah, that's contempt of court.

We can have a good laugh at his expense once they send him down. He can share a cell with that bloke they've finally got round to extraditing.

proglodyte said...

Yep, I think we all know all which way the vote would swing...

Steven_L said...

Can they really extradite you to the 3rd world for contempt of court these days?


Mark Wadsworth said...

P, go on..?

SL, no, I meant that bloke who's been fending off extradition to SA for 3 years on the grounds he was a bit depressed. And SA is not third world, it's second world.

proglodyte said...

I doubt vomit and crocodile tears will hold much sway with the judge.

Mark Wadsworth said...

P, indeed:

"Judge Masipa, only the second black woman to sit on the Transvaal High Court when she was called in 1998, understands this better than anyone. Under apartheid she worked as a crime reporter and did not pass her bar exams until the age of 43.

She has a strong history of tough sentences for crimes against women. On handing down life sentences to two rapists she argued that the crime was on the rise to such an extent that it was undermining the fabric of society"

James Higham said...

I apologize that I haven't commented on the apologies. Apologies for that.