Thursday, 3 April 2014

BBC or Daily Mash?

Ketamine 'exciting' depression therapy

The illegal party drug ketamine is an "exciting" and "dramatic" new treatment for depression, say doctors who have conducted the first trial in the UK.

Some patients who have faced incurable depression for decades have had symptoms disappear within hours of taking low doses of the drug.

The small trial on 28 people, reported in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, shows the benefits can last months.

Experts said the findings opened up a whole new avenue of research…

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Dr Evil said...

28 people!!! Ye Gods? 280 people is way too low to do any meaningful statistics and 28 is bonkers, unless they all responded positively.

Pavlov's Cat said...

It can't be an anti-depressant as all the horses I've seen have long faces

Mark Wadsworth said...

DrE, yes but it is a promising start. If 5 of those 28 had shown small improvements, then that means little, but if 27 of 28 showed big improvements, then that is quite significant.

PC, "Are you that bloke who does horse impressions?"

"Neigh!" [stamps feet]

Pavlov's Cat said...


A white horse goes into a pub and orders a large vodka.

"funny you drinking vodka " says the barman " When we've got a whisky named after you"

"What Derek?" says the horse

boom tish...

Mark Wadsworth said...

A famous grpuse walks into a bar and orders a whisky and the barman says "We've got a whisky named after you"

"Yes, I know" said the grouse wearily "Jack. Jack-bloody-Daniels."