Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Government Interference

From The Independent

Theatre productions and regional touring companies are in line for at least a fifth off their tax bills under a new tax break confirmed by the Chancellor.

George Osborne first announced a consultation on “limited corporation tax relief for commercial theatre productions and a targeted relief for theatres investing in new writings or touring productions to regional theatres” last December at the time of his Autumn Statement.

From 1 September, Mr Osborne has proposed making relief available at 25 per cent on any initial investment and 20 per cent thereafter, with the full details set to be published after the Budget.

The measures will cover opera and dance as well as plays and musicals.

The Treasury said it wanted to recognise the “unique value that the theatre sector brings to the UK economy”.

What "unique value" to the UK economy. They pay taxes, they provide things that people want. How is that different to video game companies, Dyson and Ann Summers?

And what contribution does opera and dance make? We already shovel millions in lottery money at them, but now they're apparantly a net contributor? Really?


Lola said...

It has nil to do with any unique contribution to the economy. It has all to do with political triangulation so beloved and perfected by that utter lying conman Blair.

Graeme said...

it is a very tactical budget - for about the first time, Osborne has realised that voters are mostly pensioners and savers and has done things for their benefit. This measure you have highlighted allows him to say he is doing things to help the leisure pursuits of certain wealthy pensioners and savers (or parents of dancers and actors). Very canny.

Mark Wadsworth said...

TS, you keep saying this and it keeps being true.