Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Fun Online Polls: BMW drivers and Flight MH370

The responses to last week's Fun Online Poll were as follows:

Which car drivers are the most inconsiderate? Multiple selections allowed.

BMW - 47 votes

Audi - 28 votes
Mercedes - 24 votes
Porsche - 14 votes
Volkswagen - 7 votes
Other, please specify - 17 votes

To be honest, I like the way the French deal with the BMW problem: they have a law that BMW drivers on the motorway have to keep their headlight on, at full beam, at all times to alert you that there is a complete idiot coming up behind, thus giving you more time to take evasive action. If this isn't enough, they also have to turn on their left indicators once they are within striking distance, just as a final warning.

It's a bit like being forced to carry L-plates for the rest of your life or lorries which Beep While Reversing.
We're all experts now.

Where, if ever and anywhere, will they find [the wreckage of] Flight MH370?

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Kj said...

I think the plane has entered another dimension, like in "Lost". Poor souls, they will forever be trapped in a script noone understands and has no meaningful ending.

Ian B said...

I think this whole tornado of conspiracy theories over MH370 is a bit sad. It's crashed, and will probably take a long time to find, if at all. It presumably spent most of its flight with the crew and passengers already dead or unconscious due to hypoxia.

All this stuff about the pilot being a terrorist or suicidal loony is really quite unpleasant, while the idea of islamoterrorists stealing a plane to use as a nuclear bomb carrier/bioweapon delivery system/etc is insanity.

It's somewhere in the Indian Ocean. Bet you any money you like.

Lola said...

Ian B - yeah.