Tuesday, 25 March 2014

BBC outdoes The Daily Mash

From the BBC:

British winters are likely to become milder and wetter like the last one but cold spells still need to be planned for, says the UK Met Office.

Summers are likely to be hotter and drier, but washouts are still on the cards, it adds.

The assessment of future weather extremes finds the role of human influence is "detectable" in summer heatwaves and in intense rainfall.

However, the Met Office says a lot more work must be done to confirm the links...

If the British assessment sounds confusing, you are not alone.

Assuming the Met Office study is correct, it means everything from gumboots to snowploughs and sunscreen to anoraks will still be needed.

As the report's authors themselves readily admit, the British weather varies so "hugely year to year due to natural processes" that detecting trends is tough, and detecting a manmade fingerprint even harder.

And you think I make this stuff up?


A K Haart said...

"And you think I make this stuff up?"

No but I think they do.

DBC Reed said...

The BBC News adds the latest wheeze viz that's its all down to the Jet Stream which is totally unknowable.

James Higham said...

Cold spells in winter still need to be planned for? Must bear that in mind next winter.