Monday, 17 February 2014

Sink holes go mainstream

The Daily Mail has done a round up of some recent sinkhole stories, with the following splendid headline-cum-opening paragraph:

Terrifying holes that are opening up all over Britain: They're appearing at FIVE TIMES their normal rate and further bad weather could mean we haven't seen the last of them


Bayard said...

Are you sure they are not Land Monopoly Black Holes? Perhaps we should be shovelling money into them.

Mark Wadsworth said...

B, good idea. That might be slightly less disastrous that what we are doing at present.

Graeme said...

a wild thought...we are now forced to install condensing boilers in our homes. These boilers discharge a small but steady quantity of acidic condensate every day they are used. This condensate is sent into a soakaway beside private properties. I live on a chalk hillside. In 100 years or so, the condensate will no doubt have formed a potential sinkhole.

We use condensing boilers because John Prescott thought they would avert climate change. Thus climate change causes sinkholes!