Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Sink holes go mainstream

VFTS emailed in this one from The Daily Mail, with the comment "Sink hole swallows car… which was dangerously close to (unknown value) house"

My worry here is that sink holes are going mainstream. The BBC included a video and if you look at the 'related video/audio' section to the right, they've got loads more sink hole-related videos and underneath the article are more links to articles about sink holes.

It's only a matter of time before the BBC starts blaming sink holes on climate change and then the fun will go out of it completely. Besides cow attacks, my specialist topic is going to be "car attacks house" stories, that's suitably unsettling and they'll never blame that on climate change.


Macheath said...

I felt the same last February when there was a huge media fuss about near-Earth asteroids - like being a die-hard fan of some obscure indie band whose members have suddenly started appearing on mainstream chat shows - but it doesn't take long for the clamour to die down.

In this case, the BBC have really gone to town because, by happy coincidence, they already had a load of material lined up to promote last night's scheduled TV documentary on the subject; unless this is the first of a spate of the things caused by recent rainfall (cue the Climate Change angle), the media caravan will soon move on.

Bayard said...

But Mark, cars didn't attack houses in the C19th, when the world was much cooler (or at any time before that), so the attacks have to be caused by global warming.

Mark Wadsworth said...

McH, I missed that, I was watching a glorious Channel 4 programme about how the evil water companies paid out £9 billion in dividends and invested f- all in clearing sewers, as a result of which everybody's* house is full of shit.

* At least, based on their sample of five people they interviewed, all of whom had houses full of shit.

B, the warm temperatures make car drivers more irritable and thus prone to silly mistakes*.

I would have thought that's obvious!

* Like driving headlong into large static objects that are several yards back from the actual road.

Steven_L said...

They are so mainstream I caught the gf reading about them in the MSM.

There's a pattern emerging here MW, you abandoning things just when the great unwashed start to take an interest.

First UKIP, now sinkholes!

Mark Wadsworth said...

SL, I'm still the go-to guy for cow attacks and car attacks. Presumably because they can't blame those on Global Warming and/or immigrants.