Friday, 14 February 2014

Satire copies satire

The Daily Mash 13 December 2013:

THE writer of a Mail Online story about a ‘baby mama’ has said she once had dreams of doing something worthwhile...

“I was good at English at school. The teachers really liked my stories and said one day I might write a book. I remember having lots of ideas for books, wonderful books full of humanity and meaning.

“Books that didn’t feature the phrase ‘baby mama’. Or ‘side boob’. But the past, as they say, is another country.”

She added: “This office is three stories up. If I jumped out of the window, would it be fatal? Or do I need to go up on the roof?”

The Daily Mash 14 February 2014:

A MEN’S magazine editor is disgusted with himself for doing anything his advertisers ask him to...

“Last month we published six pages of paid-for crud about ‘must-have’ electronic gadgets from various retailers. One of them was a digital barometer, for Christ’s sake.

“Basically I’m prostituting the magazine and myself, although prostitutes have more dignity because they’re doing it to survive. I do it to buy more Ben Sherman shirts.

“Sometimes I go home and shower for hours, trying to wash away the shame of claiming women will sleep with any man who has a patio


Bill Quango MP said...

I ticked climate change on the poll.
But the climate is changing. So its fair.

The poll I'd like to see is WHAT DO WE DO ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE?

which you may have done already.

drsolly said...

Actualy, I have a digital barometer.

Bayard said...

What's wrong with a digital barometer? I know the mercury ones look nicer, but..

Mark Wadsworth said...

BQ, I don't think I have. if you'd like to suggest questions and answers, I will set up the poll.

DrS, cool, but why do you have so many luchs in your back garden?

B, the point was the magazine said that if you buy one, it will make you more attractive to women. Which Dr S should be able to confirm or deny.

Bayard said...

M, do mercury ones work in this way too?

Bill Quango MP said...

ME . Only in general terms.

Raise taxes on fossil fuel energy.
Raise taxes for flood and weather emergency
Increase the ea budget
Subsidise wind farms and Solar panels to reduce air on emissions.
Prevent any further building of homes on flood plains
Local government civil defence like authority for the War on Climate.
Ban cars

Mark Wadsworth said...

B, I bet you a mercury one can't tell you if there is a luchs in your back garden.

BQ, those answers need a bit of work, I'm sure there are some important ones missing, like painting roofs white or something.

Ian B said...

Since I took to carrying a digital barometer prominently visible in a jacket pocket, I cannot beat off the birds with a shitty stick.