Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Reader's Letter Of The Day

From The Metro:

Last week, the Sutherland family were prosecuted for taking their children out of school for a week's holiday. Now, 16-year-old Lewis Clarke has reached the South Pole (Metro, Mon) and presumably missed several weeks of education.

His school, QEH in Bristol, is independent. I assume the Sutherlands' isn't, and there different rules apply.

But should the principles be the same? Should Clarke's parents also be prosecuted? Perhaps the school could if it chose to but has evidently given its approval.

Adham Fisher, Leicester.


Bayard said...

"and there different rules apply."

Of course, The Ministry of Truth haven't worked out yet how to turn the private schools into state propaganda indoctrination machines, so they don't care about children being taken away in term time; they're not going to miss learning anything important.